4 Gorgeous Hijab Wedding Dresses by Brides & Tailor

When it comes to weddings and brides, each culture has a different tradition. In western countries, for example, people typically wear traditional white/ivory wedding dresses in different styles. In India,brides wear pink or red wedding dresses.  Brides who are Catholic typically wear modest wedding dresses.The same thing goes for certain Jewish brides. As for the […]

Top 9 Black Wedding Dresses by Brides & Tailor

Top 9 Black Wedding Dress Styles by Brides & Tailor!

The Trend of Black Wedding Dresses has been becoming more trendy in the past few years. Many people used to sigh and wonder how a bride would wear a Black Wedding Dress for her Big Day, but this is in fact becoming more common those days! Since the Victorian era, white has been the traditional […]

Brides & Tailor Black Wedding Dress

Our Black Wedding Dress Styled Shoot in Detroit,Michigan

    If you’ve become accustomed to traditional weddings, you may think your only choice for wedding dress colors are the various shades of white or ivory. However, in recent years more and more brides have been moving away from white dresses and moving towards dresses in a variety of colors, including black!  If you’ve […]