Choosing the perfect wedding dress for your body shape

Choosing the perfect wedding dress for your body shape

Hello bride-to-be s!

Today at Brides & Tailor we will be covering important basics for getting the perfect wedding dress for your body shape.

Your pick of the wedding dress should be suitable for the wedding dress veil as well.

If the wedding dress is simple, your bridal veil should be full of embroidery at the edges so that it adds life to the wedding dress.

If the wedding dress is already full of embroidery and textures, then the bridal veil should be simple enough to not interfere with the decoration that’s already in there.


These are the basics that Brides & Tailor advices for choosing the perfect wedding dress according to your body shape.

If your body shape is round, which means that your upper body parts are bigger than your lower body parts, you need to completely avoid wedding dresses that are tight since they would create imbalance in your body with the wedding dress. So completely avoid the mermaid wedding dresses cut and try to choose a wedding dress that makes your waist looks slimmer. It is also best if the lower part has embroidery or any design on it so that it doesn’t draw attention to your upper body size. Ruffled wedding dresses like princess wedding dresses is the best since it balances both parts.


If you have a fit body shape with a small waist, this means that you can basically choose any wedding dress style and it would look great on you! Our advice in this case is to choose a design that has a tight waist shape since it flaunts your body.


If you are very tall, try to avoid designs that are too simple with no embroidery since they will make you look ordinary. Choose a wedding dress that has some designs into it either in the upper part or the lower part of your body.


Whatever your body shape is, our wedding dress consultants at Brides & Tailor are here for you!

Brides & Tailor offers free consultation on all customer inquiries and we will work with you to give you the customized wedding dress you are searching for!



choosing the perfect wedding dress
choosing the perfect wedding dress

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape


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