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Invoice Date February. 19. 2020.
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Aliyah Waseem
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1 Custom Made Wedding Dress

This is a custom made wedding dress based on the requirements communicated from the customer to our bridal specialist. All details regarding the style, color and size preferences to be agreed on through Emails and this invoice can be updated accordingly if any major change is decided for the requirements.

1 Floor Length Bridal Veil

A bridal veil is a floor length with matching lace and beading trim.

1 Wedding Dress Design Sketch - Front/Back 2D Colored

Brides & Tailor will sketch the final dress design in 2D colored picture. the sketch will be the closest picture of the final dress we will deliver. Customer can discuss and ask changes to the sketch to make sure the sketch does match her vision for the wedding dress. B&T will always use provided inspirational pictures to understand the needed work for the customer.

1 Shipping to UK

Shipping and handling fees in US

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