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46407 Doubletree Rd
Canton Twp, 48187, MI
Tel: +1 313 265 9947

Invoice Number INV-07096
Invoice Date April. 30. 2021.
Due Date May. 30. 2021.
Total Due $1,245.50
Chavon Cobbs

46873 Briarmoor Court,
Chesterfield MI 48051

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Custom Wedding Dress Ms Chavon Cobbs

Chapel length train/ the price is based on sizes less than US 14. An extra fee for bigger sizes would be sent out separately after measurements are sent if they are bigger than US 14.

Sub Total $2,350.00
Tax $141.00
Project Total $2,491.00
Amount payable for this Balance Invoice
Deposit -$1,245.50
Total Due $1,245.50