(Translated by Google) Hello. I am Lena from Yemen. I went to Braids & Taylor after I could not get a wedding dress that fit my imagination. It was a coincidence when I knew that one of the Arabis asked for the same location and was from Yemen. Frankly, I hesitated in the request, especially as the demand on the Internet is not always successful. After I asked and I saw the customers’ opinions, I decided that I would ask and trust in God and you, as you say, are disappointed. I started to write the site. And if my memory is lost, as if you are the first to communicate with Rania, I think that was her name. She facilitated the task and helped me and thanked her. And then came the role of Manal and violin patience and good deal with me. She asked for the dress amid fear of the mother God kept her because she was not convinced the idea of ​​online demand. First, the dress was received on time and the amendments were made and the pictures were sent to the first woman she asked. And came the day of receipt of the dress I was afraid Moo Ano control .. No, but I was going to say to the mother who paid the Shea Philly .. But the dress was Mstbawut and the quality of the job without the mother rest and rejoice. The most important thing is that they rent a dress or dress up on the day of the wedding. Thank you Braids & Taylor. I will be with you because the anniversary of my wedding day is January 25th.

About Manal

Hello! My name is Manal. I am the owner of Brides & Tailor and have been working on amazing custom wedding dress ideas since our business was established in Dubai in 2010!:) Brides & Tailor is now located in Canton, Michigan and we ship to all States! Helping brides in getting the dress of their dreams is something that I'm so passionate about! I help brides in bringing their vision of the perfect wedding dress into life! On behalf of myself and my team of seamstresses and artists, we cannot wait to help you and create more magic!! :)

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