I bought my wedding dress from Brides & Tailor a couple of years ago when they were in Dubai under another name. I got to know about the business from a friend at University since I was in preparation of my wedding day. Everything about the quality and price was very affordable if you compare it to market prices, but my only comment was that when i received the package with the dress in it, it was not in a luxurious bridal bag ( the type you would expect to get for your wedding dress) . Since it was shipped it to me, it was packaged in DHL packaging. It kind of stressed me out when i saw it like that, but when i opened it and noticed that they actually do it this way while flipping the wedding dress to the other side to prevent any beadings from falling off while shipping i felt more comfortable. You definitely need to iron-dry your wedding dress before wearing it. Overall, what you get is great value for what you pay.

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