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My dress came out so amazing! Manal was awesome to work with; she sent several pictures of the dress throughout and if there was anything I wanted to be changed she did it no problem. I'm so excited to show everyone the dress at our wedding, and tell them all it was custom made for me!

Payton Wolford Avatar
Payton Wolford

BridesandTailor, your artwork is breathtaking. First, I would like to thank Manal for her patience and quick reply. She makes it a priority to take the vision of the dress you have in my mind, put pieces together and delivers the unexpected. I was extremely satisfied with the sketch that was delivered and cannot wait to see the final masterpiece. Dear Manal, I salute your professionalism and punctuality and I cannot wait to showcase your artwork. God bless you and I thank God I found BridesandTailor.

Nafi Avatar

So far, working with brides & Tailor has given me so much relief & peace of mind. I thought finding my “perfect” black wedding dress was impossible until I stumbled upon Manal. My sketch blew me away & I can’t wait to see it finally made!

morganflurry97 Avatar

Thank you so much for making my dream come true Manal. I initially approached Manal 3 months before my Wedding and she agreed to create a sketch of 2 dress ideas that I had in mind. The final dress delivered was exactly like the dress.It blew me away. Very punctual and creative!If you are looking for a custom made gown at a good price , you won't regret trusting Brides & Tailor with that. I am really thankful for knowing about you just in time.

Ameera A

I had such an amazing experience with Brides & Tailor from start to finish! Since I was a Michigan bride, I was able to go to their main office and have an in-person consultation, which is something they really only offer their local brides (it's an e-commerce business and you don't *need* to see anyone face-to-face). I had maybe 6 or 7 idea photos of pieces of what I wanted my wedding dress to look like and I even drew my own sketch to show what I wanted. When I was at the consultation, we discussed color, cut, style, types of fabric, etc. Since my dress had so many pieces of inspiration drawn from different photos, they suggested I get a sketch done by their professional fashion sketcher. I didn't want to have anything messed up, so I jumped on it. The sketch came out gorgeous and the dress looked like exactly what I wanted!I went to a local seamstress to get all my measurements taken, then emailed them to Brides & Tailor, and they took it from there! I didn't have time worry about trying on a bunch of dresses or finding "the one" because I already knew what I wanted. And I didn't have to settle for something I was less than 100% happy with because I was getting it custom made! The best part is that it cost about the same as a regular wedding dress from a store would cost, including alterations. But I didn't need alterations since when my dress arrived in the mail exactly on the date Brides & Tailor said it would, it fit perfectly!!!I didn't have a single problem getting into my dress. My MOH was a little confused because she'd never done a corset back before, but after I showed her what to do, everything was fine. After a little skirt fluffing by my MOH and bridesmaids, I was ready to go down the aisle, confident that I wouldn't have a single wardrobe malfunction like you see in the movies or hear horror stories about. Nope, not for me!I did have a slight problem with the sleeves being a little snug around my arm, but I think that was a problem with the measurements, not the person who made the dress. At the place where I got my measurements, the people didn't seem too fastidious while taking my measurements. My dress was a hair long, too. Again, I think it was the people who took my measurements, because everything else was absolutely perfect. Just make sure whoever takes your measurements is paying close attention!The dress was so, so well made! It's absolutely fantastic and I wish I could have worn it longer than just a day!!!Photos courtesy of Melanie Reyes Photography

Sarah Cervantes-Arreguin Avatar
Sarah Cervantes-Arreguin

The best wedding dress experience i've for my wife , each requested details , on time delivery , safe packaging, we highly recommend Brides & Tailor

Bassam Safadi Avatar
Bassam Safadi

Manal is amazing to work with, and my sketch was exactly what I had envisioned my dress to look like! Highly recommended doing this if you want to bring your dream dress to life.

Marlie Avatar

gorgeous and high quality. took a few tailoring sessions to get the perfect fit, but I expected and budgeted for that. tailor added boning to the back buttons column so it wouldn't sag at the top, changed out the cups for a better fit, and some nips/tucks, length shortening, and moved the bustle button up higher so the train wouldn't drag. nothing wild or unusual was needed. it arrived ahead of schedule in a safe package. dreams come true!

Nicole Avatar

Manal has truly been a Godsend from the very beginning of the process! She is exceptional to work with and truly talented in her line of work. I have always envisioned a 'Grace Kelly' wedding dress for my big day. In my search I never came a dress that suited my exact vision so I contacted Manal to see if this dress can even be re-created. From the start, Manal was so helpful and gracious to answer all of my questions regarding my dress, and making sure that every detail was addressed and offering her professional advice along the way so I can achieve the best look possible. I also chose to get the optional sketch of my dress and I'm so glad I did. My heart was overjoyed seeing my visionary dress in 2D. This will be keepsake that I can put also in my memory book. I cannot wait to see the final product. Thank you from my heart!

Agnes Avatar

Manal was able to make my vision come to life. My dress was stunning and the fabric very high quality. My advice to brides is to make sure to speak up about what you want as the dress is being made. The best part is that I received my dress a full month before I expected it! It was incredibly fast work - with exceptional quality.

rebeccalynntempleton Avatar
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